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Please send your invoice here for maximum efficiency and on-time payment!

Invoice Submission

Only upload one invoice at the end of each month (containing all of your work for the month). DO NOT send them by email to any of your project managers. Any emails containing invoices and/or send to members of the project team will be deleted and your invoice will not be registered!

Date your invoice on the last day of the month, not the first day of the following month.

You will receive our payment within one month of correct receipt of the invoice. We do not confirm receipt of invoices, so if you do not receive a reply, assume that all is OK.

Only invoices in pdf format will be accepted.

Required information to include in your invoice:
- Your own VAT number (intra-community VAT number if you live in the EU)
- Your full address
- Invoice no.
- Invoice date (last day of the month)

- Project no. for each project

- Bank details

- Our info:

GB Translation

Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tartu mnt 67/1-13b
10115 Tallin, Estonia

VAT no.: EE102456293


If your work for us is carried out via the Smartcat platform, you do not need to send us a separate invoice!


Please Help Us!

By definition, linguists are good at more creative tasks and less good at boring things like compiling invoices. Also as a language supplier you are probably most busy deliver last-minute translation projects on time, and no-one wants to spends hours and hours checking the correctness of invoices.
Due to the above the number of incorrect invoices this translation services receives every month is extremely high. This is why we had to create this invoice submission page, to make sure invoices are delivered correctly.
If a correction is required after receiving your invoice, you will be asked to modify it. Any incorrect invoices which require modification automatically go into our next payment batch, so they will not be processed immediately but the following month, delaying the payment by one invoicing cycle. So in the interest of both parties please make sure everything is correct! We thank you for it! 


For any jobs, we need to receive a correct invoice, both in terms of the fiscal information and project details and total amounts, within maximum 60 days. After this period, all jobs will be considered prescribed and you will no longer be able to invoice these jobs and get paid for them.



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    Thank you for working with us!
    We look forward to an excellent, long-lasting business relationship with you!