Terms and Conditions for Collaborators of GB Translation

All you need to know for a Smooth Collaboration


Send only one invoice at the end of each month (containing all of your work for the month) to accounting@gb-translation.com. (We will not forward invoices from any other addresses.) Please don't 'CC' this email to any other address.

You will receive our payment within one month of correct receipt of the invoice. We do not confirm receipt of invoices, so if you do not receive a reply, assume that all is OK.

Only invoices in pdf format will be accepted. Otherwise, you will be asked to re-send them.

Required information to include in your invoice:
- Your own VAT number (intra-community VAT number if you live in the EU)
- Your full address
- Invoice no.
- Invoice date (last day of the month)

- Project no. for each project

- Bank details

- Our info:

Gabriel Brunner

Plaza de Honduras 26, 46022 Valencia, Spain

VAT no.: ESX9888725J (X9888725J if you are registered in Spain yourself)


If your work for us is carried out via the Smartcat platform, you do not need to send us a separate invoice!




Quality Policy

In cases of late delivery, insufficient quality of a translation or other types of unprofessional behaviour, we reserve the right to seek compensation by deducting the equivalent amount for damages (loss of income, additional working hours or damage to our reputation) from a service provider's fee. This can in the worst case scenario include total cancellation of payment if the translation is delivered in such a way and/or with such a delay that the related project cannot be delivered to the end client in an acceptable timeframe and/or with the acceptable quality expected from a professional translation service.
The service provider must remain available for a reasonable period of time after delivery of a text in order to address any issues encountered with the translated contents.
Apart from an insufficient linguistic quality, the following issues will be considered unacceptable for the delivery of a professional translation and may lead to a rejection of the work or a quality-related deduction from the price of the translation:
  • Apparent sloppiness. Double spaces, punctuation mistakes, untranslated bits. According to our policy, all translatable texts need to be translated (e. g. institutions, positions, job titles, technical terminology) and this is the explicit preference of our translation services. Failure to do this will be interpreted as sloppiness.
  • Remaining typos and/or spell check not completed. (If the document language has not been changed to the target language, this is proof that no spell check has been carried out and will lead to immediate rejection of the text.)
  • Failure to respect norms of professional translation (use of prefixes for phone numbers, conversion of monetary values, correct use of capitalization in the target language etc.)
In the interest of a successful partnership, such measures will only be taken if absolutely necessary.
By accepting a project from us, the translator implicitly agrees to the above terms.


Wherever possible, we will only make direct bank transfers into EU-based accounts, as our preferred payment method. We can use alternative payment methods like PayPal or Skrill; however any extra charges (transaction, currency conversion costs etc.) shall be borne service provider.

Welcome to the Team!
We look forward to an excellent, long-lasting business relationship with you!