Translator Guidelines

CV and Cover Letter Translation and Post-Editing Assignments

General Guidelines

  • Phone numbers must be changed to include the country prefix. +34 for Spain, +44 for UK etc.

  • Place names must be localized wherever possible (e.g. London, Londres etc.) and using common sense, the country should be added.

  • In CVs into German, the title "Curriculum Vitae" must be changed to "Lebenslauf".

  • Translate everything that can possibly be translated as the emphasis is on the reader understanding the CV, rather than accuracy with names of titles, certificates, and company positions. So "HR Manager" in Spanish is "Responsable de Recursos Humanos" etc. "University of Cambridge" in German is "Universität Cambridge" etc. "Universidad politécnica Cristobal Colón" in English is  "Cristobal Colón Polytechnical University". The descriptive part of the name is translated, the person's name isn't.

  • Some CVs (mostly Italian) include a statement at end, authorizing the use of personal information according to some Legislative Decree. This is maintaned but the national degree is changed to "the GDPR".

  • Company types (legal acronyms) like "Ltd." in English, "GmbH" in German, "S. A." in Spanish and so on, will be removed in the translation process, as they mean nothing to a reader unfamiliar with those cultures. So "Anwaltsbüro Brunner GmbH" must be translated into English as "Brunner Lawyer's Office".

Project Approval

Delivered CVs in the target language that do not follow these guidelines will be automatically rejected by our team in accordance with our quality policy and the translator will be required to fix them in accordance with these guidelines. But our hope is that our collaborators implement these few simple guidelines and deliver texts that are ready to use, saving us both valuable time and resources.

Thank You!

The GB Translation team would like to thank you in advance for implementing these guidelines into your CV and cover letter translations, for the benefit of our collaboration and ultimately of the final customer. These CV jobs are for the benefit of real people looking to improve their situation on the job market and they deserve our best quality work!

Welcome to the Team!
We look forward to an excellent, long-lasting business relationship with you!